Past Residencies

Past Residencies


Francesca Goodwin

Aug 18th 2015 – September 27th 2015

Fran blog

FRANCESCA J is a UK based Writer, Designer and Art Director.

Intentional with an imperfect minimalist aesthetic, Francesca strives for a poetic balance of stillness and fluidity, form and space in her life and work.

With a strong interest in the processual and social aspects of creative practices, she has curated exhibitions with The Serpentine Gallery, Rivington Place Gallery and The Other Art Fair amongst others. She is the founder and curator of Fabelist, an online exhibition space for emerging and established artists and writers.

Francesca’s critical writing has been featured in publications in the UK and abroad. Her studio blog is a compendium of her daily thoughts, observations and projects.

During her time with P Cafe she will be investigating the local surrounds and creating a virtual portrait via her online blog.

Her findings, thoughts and photographs can be found here: .


Wake Up! Collective – Mark O’Neill, John Tedstone and Joe Francis

July 7th 2015 – August 16th 2015


Mark O’Neill is interested in the idea of social and political awakening.  His work conveys a new spirit of enlightenment and the potential, in all of us, to challenge the status quo.  Employing images taken from counter-cultural events throughout the UK, Mark embellishes and adapts them in order to challenge the viewer to consider their individual power to become an agent of change. He is a campaigner and calls on us to take the Wake Up! message, in the form of specially produced badges, to the various corners of our travels.


Joe Francis specialises in metal work and fabrication.  He creates fantastical sculptures drawn from mythology and natural forms.  The sculptures have an adventurous glee which activates the imagination of the viewer and their will to create. As well as realising his own ideas, he is also commissioned to create work for designers, architects and developers such as the Eden Project.


John Tedstone is a West Midlands based visual artist working with acrylic and charcoal.  He develops naturalistic motifs and plays with anthropomorphism in order to comment on social issues such as animal cruelty.  For example, in his work ‘The Screaming Tradition’, society’s attitudes toward animals are cast in an almost apocalyptic depiction of a fox gaining in stature above the discredited hunter’s horn.



Ollie MacDonald-Brown and Sarah Walden

July 7th 2015 – August 16th 2015


Ollie MacDonald-Brown and Sarah Walden work primarily in photography and film, revealing, through careful deconstruction, the oft-missed inner beauty of the cinematic process.  Intrigued by regenerative activity in the Stirchley area, they plan to create a photographic portrait of Stirchley in the present day.  Working with a variety of cinematic equipment, modern and antique, their imagery is at once nostalgic and unflinchingly real and contemporary.  They have an eye for the unusual and the possibilities for seeing anew through a camera lens.

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Alicia Rodriguez, 7th June 2015-5th July 2015

Alicia is a Midlands born artist and writer.  Working primarily in painting and writing her past work has investigated the sensations of her own body.  Alicia joined P Cafe for a micro-residency from the 7th-11th June and an exhibition of her work ran until the 5th July.  The exhibition captured the process of how she creates and develops an idea with various tools and sketches adorning her temporary studio space.

Prior to her residency at P Cafe, Rodriguez produced a series of works drawn from ‘horror movies set in rural communities, rocks and minerals, wildness and kitchen sink dramas’. Her current body of work is concerned with natural symbolism, in particular how we project our experiences and sensations onto a landscape.

Alicia Rodriguez (2)




FAM Art Collective, 23rd April 2015-5th June 2015

FAM Art Collective are: Jonathan Charles Graney, Dea Paradisos, Katherine Wade, Katie Ecclestone and Sarah Fortes-Mayer.

Presenting an eclectic variety of mediums and practices, FAM displayed work with conflicting ideologies and contrasting ways of creating – a method that allowed for topical dialogue on the themes of immigration, tolerance and politics.

The work within P Café was a mix from each artist’s individual practice ranging from textiles, sculpture and performance to slate paintings and graphic design.